Hussein Gasaqule

My teaching approach

English is a major language worldwide , whereby in some countries  it´s a native  language and in some it  enjoys a major status as an oficial language due to colonialism by the British. It´s widely used in scientific , tecnologic and cultural  fields worldwide. Due to the vast extent  of the English language, some professional individuals  and groups have come up with ideas and methods in order to spread the English language where it´s not spoken. These methods and ideas are a help to those  who seek to teach English. The aims of the people where English is not spoken is for travelling, working and living abroad purposes.
These teaching methods  : The Berlix or Direct method , The Vaughan method, The Suggest A Pedia method, The Grammar Translation method, The Physical approach method, The Silent method and the Communicative approach method are based on the 4 language skills which are writing ,reading, listening and speaking.  The Berlix method focuses on vocabulary whereby there is no translation,writing is also included in the method. In this method you use pictures and the syllabus should be based on situation and topics. The grammar translation  method focuses  on translation and on written text . It also focuses on how to develop skills in writing and reading.The  Total Physical Respon method focuses on physical movements whereby all senses are involved. In this method students are involved to do more ; an example of a physical approach is the game ( Simon says´touch your nose.). The Suggest A Pedia  method  focuses on making students  feeel comfortable eliminating barriers that creat difficulties  for them to learn.An example of this method is the matching words´game. The Silent method focuses on gestures, pointing objects  in order for students to guess what the action is being done  or what it is. The Vaughan method focuses on student understanding and comprehension in a less stressful way whereby the local language is not used. It deals with drills in the language. It has 6 phases: 1. Setting out. 2. Student demostrating . 3.Recombining commands. 4.Reading and writing, 5. The usage of commands by the students and the last phase which is games  used in learnig the English Language. The Commnunicative Approach is the last method am  going to mention from the some of the listed methods. It is based on speaking. It includes activities and different  language skills such as writing, reading ,listening and speaking.
In Oxbridge for instant, the focus is on speaking and understanding. The teacher is the guide, he or she uses icebreakers in starting the class in order for students to feel comfortable and to be able to speak and do more in class.Fluency is needed in language teaching. The teacher is the person in charge of the class and preparing material though  Oxbride provides materials for class teaching. The way the syllabus is organized is important since it´s according to the levels of students at their respective given classes. The syllabus should be based on topic, vocabulary and  structures.
From all this methods one can come up with his own methology in teaching English  or as group cause English is a good language.

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