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My teaching approach

Learning a language is so important nowadays, it is a necessity for everyone in terms of professional life, studies and even for travelling. Years before people do not  pay too much attention with  this matter maybe because they do not  find it an important thing  or they simply have  everything they need , they got job and they are  content in every way. Until things changed drastically , Now English have become an important tool and they have realized that they were wrong , Now it is a must that you speak English it is the only essential thing to find a good job aside from your nice and stunning educational background . People then began to find a best solution to learn English in an easy and quick way possible. A lot of  English Academies have risen like mushrooms and promising a quick way of learning some says in six months , three months and even  a month . This is very disappointing and appears a bit exaggerated, how can they tell such promise without taking in consideration the real situation of the student and previous experience in English learning .


Today I would like to share my philosophy of teaching . In my own opinion it is the methodology of teaching what matters the most  in learning a language , the right approach is the most effective way.


And what is the right approach in teaching ? First we have to consider a lot of factors before starting our classes , take your time get to know your students and assess them.

:Do they have previous learning experience?

:Students pre-existing knowledge

:What are their main target?

: Strength and Weaknesses

:The age of learner


As a teacher show that you really care for them, be approachable.

And  most specially we have  to create a good connection with our students they need to feel the sense of belongingness , transmit good vibes and create a good teaching environment,  so they can feel confident and omit the fear of expressing themselves. This is a good way to build trust and make our student open and make them realize, that failure is the key for success they need to know that they can confide with you. This piece of advice is what I learned from the method of ´´Suggestopedia´´, eliminating barriers between teacher and students.


 As an educator , I have the utmost confidence that every individual is able to strive for success in their academic performance. In order to realize that,  I should try my best to promote growth  by employing creativity like  designing the best syllabus which promote a lot of conversation, function base , important and helpful target language ,easy to comprehend topics , entertaining , engaging and in the interest of everybody. These criterias have to be applied together with the needs of every students  and of course with their level , we have to be careful with this, because we don´t like to have a class and see our students worried faces because they don´t understand any of what we are saying, so designing a syllabus according to levels are also important. We should also design the syllabus according to their main goal. Some students may have a high degree of English language but lacking of fluency in speaking, they may understand you but they don´t speak well , we can see that every students are different so we have to be aware of that and discover them , Then encourage  students to capitalize on their strengths and experiences in order to develop their English abilities . For example, I realize that while some students have a high degree of knowledge of English grammar, many lack conversational fluency; therefore, I tend to focus less on grammatical aspects of English with these students and spend more time developing communicative abilities.


 Focusing on grammar maybe a very boring situation and this is what the most teacher do,  they discuss more about the structure,  but what this course made me realized is using their functions , instead of mastering the structure of  Present Perfect why don´t we focus in what situations  we can use this tense? It is more practical and engaging at the same time. In this way students can practice the tenses unconsciously and this is more on  natural way of learning.


Preparing a syllabus for children maybe a bit different because aside from what I mentioned above we have to include colorful visual aids, a lot of games and crafts activities to make them attentive in the whole class but we have to remember it is a necessity that we over prepare  because children in  a very young age have a five to ten minutes span of attention. We may not like to improvise because improvising states a bad  and unprepared teacher.I value a lot the understanding and speaking skill , in a class you must have at least   one speaking activity  and listening activity providing interesting topic using ´´authentic material´´, in this way students can enhance their capability of expressing opinions and ideas towards something, they can also enhance their listening skills and getting used in different accents and this serves a lot of help for their professional career. But we have to be careful sometimes in not correcting students every now and then if they commit errors in speaking , because you may  embarrassed them and blocked them of what they really  want to say , instead try to use and repeat  the words in different occasion so they can self-correct . Self correcting is one of a tool in the ´´Silent Way´´ method of teaching. I agree that sometimes it is better to make them realized that they were wrong ,giving  students the freedom to think and discover knowledge,   because in this way it is easy for them to retain it. I also appreciate that each individual is unique therefore any ideas, criticism,opinions and suggestions from them should be  taken in consideration.


´´How to become a good teacher?´´ is a common question among us, I think that you can only be such a good teacher  if you know how to listen to your students educational and also personal problems and be able to answer it. Teachers should be at least two or three steps ahead of their students. Therefore we have to be well- prepared for every lesson by planning time and materials efficiently to ensure that a succesful lesson takes place. I also feel that it is wise to reflect on every lesson that has been conducted so that we can identify the strengths and rectify the weaknesses.


After examining the different methods of teaching I came up with my own style by combining them together which I think will be effective in some ways.



- it is a must that before starting a new class you have to get to know your students and discover their goals , strength, weakness, prefered type of classes and previous experience in learning the language.



-providing more than one speaking activity is a great way to make them acquire the language, writing and reading is not the main goal  although  some exercises will be given which students can revise at home.



-inside the classroom English is the only language to be spoken, let the students take their time to express themselves



-students need to develop their inner criteria



-pictures, graphs etc. are helpful for the students to understand the meaning, also using authentic materials is advisable to create an engaging and interesting up to date topic



-eliminating barriers between teachers and students is a must to develop trust .



-aside from focusing on structure we promote learning the function for an easy and natural learning



-in a class is it to remember that students do the talking and teacher is the listener and only talks if it´s necessary and in explaining certain matters



-in this method everybody is free to share their thoughts , teacher must act as  a member of the group but serving  a good example and building trust and respect



-this create a good atmosphere in teaching and enable the students to feel relax and confident


Through a complex interaction between my personal philosophy of teaching and the theories behind my philosophy, I strive to develop the full potential of my students in the language learning concepts. As a guide on their journeys of linguistic discovery, I hope that i can foster skills in my students that will prepare them for greater social challenges. In the process, I also hope to continually broaden my cultural awareness while I progress as an instructor.


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