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Leaning a second language

When I went to spanish classes, I found it really boring: working from a textbook, looking at a book with lots of grammar  etc...

The best way that I picked up spanish was by making my girlfiend speak to me in spanish all the time, watching tv in spanish and of course been here in Madrid.

That is how, little by little I started speaking spanish!!!!  I have been in Spain eight years and I am still learning every day.


There are lots of methods to learn a new language and I am going to explain some of the adventages and disadventages of learning a new language with one or another.

When you start learning any language you start doing it by listening and then trying to speak. It is clear that a baby can´t read or write before listening and speaking.

First of all, I would like to explain several difficulties that the students might have.

For Spanish people for example,  based on my girlfriend and her family´s opinon,  English is the most important language, it is the internatinal spoken language of the world. In the past , specially at school , they used to learn a lot of grammar which was really boring . Every year, they learned the same grammar and after so many years, they never got to speak English which was the main goal: to get a job or to travel abroad. They never practised speaking English so they felt it was a waste of time (and sometimes of money too).


My teaching method would be a good method of learning English and this method consist of learning  grammar at the begining but after, focus on the structures of the sentences, for the students to be able to make small sentences at the beggining and more difficul ones aferwards so they feel they can express themselfs step by step a little bit better and speak the language. Reading would came naturally afterwards by seeing the new words.

If i had to plan my syllabus , the frist thing i would do before every class is to plan every class carefully.

Creating a cheerful environment where students feel relaxed and confortable. It is important that you always make good eye contack and smile when you are teaching. You need to prepare a big range of activities and different exercises so in case they get bored or tired. If the activity is to hard or too easy the teacher should think about changing the activity. The students should be speaking as much as possible and this is why teachers should have a low teacher talking time 

The last thing that you have to take care of is the way you communicate with the students. Always speak clear and slowly so the students so they can understand the teacher well

The way you communicate with students in the classroom has nothing to do with the way you communicate outside. Inside the classroom, you have to focus on giving instructions and explanations. When you are teaching low levels the more you repeat, the easier the students follow you.

When you are teaching English to children for example , you have to use an easy language and repeat the expressions clearly and slowly so the children can easyly understand because they are not used to a new language. You have to make the class interesting and fun for them because it is a new thing that they have never seen.

However teaching adults is completlly different because they have heard  of English before. Some have learnt English at school for years and can not speak it at all and they nornally need the English language for a new or a better job. This is why adults will want to learn well.

The attittude of the teacher in the classroom must always be formal and calm, the teacher can only speak the native language in class, never use another language which is not the one which is being learnt and the teacher has to be patient and help the students with everything they need. A teacher can´t raise the tone of voice and has to be very kind and respectfull.

The teacher has to involve all the students, be patient and remember the students's names which will make the students feel that the teacher minds them. The most impotant point is that the studnets aren´t bored in the classroom . The student must have fun and enjoy learning the sconed language .

It is very important as well that the teacher looks at the student's and makes good eye contact, make sure they are interested and not left behind if you find they are finding the students are having difficults you can change the topic and level.

The materials I would use would be picture exercises, listening and speaking exercices...

For children there are a lot of options: games, videos colouring could be used for them to start seeing how English is spoken, to get used to the sound of the words and be in contact with this new language. They do not know if they will like or dislike English so the techer really has to get involed andhelp the children enjoy the english lessions. Fun is the most important world in the class



From the different methods that we have studied I did not like for example the silent method. The teacher does not speak, he just makes actions and leave the students to speak during all the classes. I think that the teacher has to speak to help the students to get used to the accent and the language. It is impossible that the students learn English if they do not receive help from the teacher .

Translating everything from one language to another is not a good method. You have to think in English if you are trying to learn English, you can not just translate everything. Expessions and structures are not he same that in spanish and if you try to translate everything you will do it wrong and you will never be able to speak or write the language properly.

The teacher has always to demostrate and explain the lesson, the purpose of the teaching must be to be able to communicate with others in a real context so it is very important that the topics that the teacher uses in his speeches, activities and exercises are from the real world.

Focus on pronuntiation is important from the beggining so being a native teacher can help a lot as well. So i think I could teach very well.

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