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Dynamic and reactive, I like to be ALIVE ! Because I traveled without having a house for five months, I have been through a lot of difficult situations and now I know how to deal with them, this is probably my principal strength.


Freestyle rollerblading in competitions, Reading, Video editing (Final Cut Pro 10)

Skating lessons to children - Birmingham, Summer 2013 TEFL course with Oxbridge - Barcelona, October 2013 French lessons to children - Barcelona, Since september 2013

Secretary in a doctor's cabinet - Nice, August/September 2012 Employee at Lush Cosmetics - Bordeaux, Winter 2012 Employee at Quick (fast food) - Bordeaux, February 2012/February 2013

"Baccalauréat" Economic and Social - Nice 2012

My teaching approach

I always said, “If you are not happy about something, change it. Change it from what you don’t like to what you want it to be like. 

Indeed, I never really liked English classes. Why?

Because of how stressed I was to know my irregular verbs and vocabulary perfectly before each class (we were being shoot with a 0/20 every time we couldn’t answer!)

I am lucky and have a multilingual mother. This is how I improved my English more than thanks to school…

The thing is, not everybody is able to speak English regularly and most of my friends just gave up with English and even hated it! What a waste, English is the most useful knowledge to re-use in everyday life; have you ever re-used the Thales’ theorem?

I’ve not! But I have needed to speak English way more than once.

Anyway, every English class should be enjoyable and teachers should keep in mind that they are not going to work like they would if they worked in a supermarket.

Just like a plant needs a stake, students need support and teachers have to be aware of everything and chose the good method to use with their students.



“Oh! Today is the day of English class!”: This has to be a good news for the student, but it is not always the case. Some methods have weaknesses and could ruin the relationship between the student and the language.

Some methods are stressful and put the student in a weird mood.

The Grammatical Teaching Method, by putting so much importance on the “correct answers” could make the student afraid of making mistakes, so afraid of talking.

The Callan Method, in a different way can be stressful for the student because very fast and intense: There is never any time for the student to take a breath (and it is worst for the teacher!)

Some methods are not complete, and do not provide all productive and receptive skills.

They can lack of speaking (GTM), lack of structure (Direct Method), lack of vocabulary (Audio-Lingual Method), etc. Incomplete methods are for me synonyms of boring methods, because by focusing on one skill, you put away a lot of different exercises and interactions.

Students need to be encouraged but not too much!

The silent way does not praise or criticise the student. I think it is essential for a learner to know if he is doing well or not. That’s why the Suggestopedia Method is also weak: it never tells the student that he actually made a mistake, but stays positive and suggests some other words. That won’t help the student remembering what he said will never work because it was a mistake.



Hopefully, some methods bring good points of how to teach English.

All the methods that don’t use translation understood something! It is helping the students that not giving them any translation: they will remember easily by understanding how to use the actual word in a context.

Methods like Direct Methods, Communicative Approach, and Oxbridge System that are using a syllabus are stronger than any method without it.

A syllabus allows organisation and preparation, what reinforce the productivity of each class! Complete methods providing every 4 skills are the ones!

The communicative approach does not forget any skills and provide: speaking and writing, and listening and understanding, but maybe by focusing too much on fluency and not enough on accuracy, whereas Oxbridge complete the task and provide accuracy in vocabulary and structure activities, and fluency in topic activities.




If I had to create a method, I would first think about something NOT stressful and efficient.

            Confidence to speak, communication and pleasure to talk would be my main goals.  Focusing on what students need, all 4 skills will be developed. To achieve this, I would follow a good and versatile syllabus, providing every kind of activities, going from thinking to acting: that way, activities can be adapted to any type of students, and be the most appropriate possible.

To do those activities, the material is essential. It can be visual aids or Authentic Material, it can be realia (just bring an orange to your class to teach the verb to eat!), or audio (bring a CD and play something! Only if it is interesting)

In any situation, the teacher and the students have a relation of colleagues, which can talk and ask questions to each other. That way, the student will never be intimidated and always feel relaxed when going to English class.

            Some important points will need to be present in my method: No other language than English to create some reflexes in the students’ minds.

Also, a few minutes will be accorded to writing in class, not too much because it will kill the rhythm of the class, but just like The Oxbridge system do Quick Questions, I will provide a little bit of writing in each class.
            The teacher will have to guide the student in his progression and always be sure everything is assimilated. If not, the teacher will come back on each non-understood points. He will be another person, just like the student and will not represent any kind of authority in the classroom; will be able to understand the students’ needs, and provide them with the best education, interesting and exciting!



The English language is something precious in life today, and children at school should be able to receive a good and stimulating education; that way, they will have a chance to speak English later! English at school is often a waste and that definitely has to change!

Anybody should be allowed to learn English without already having an English family or having to live abroad!

If all schools and all teachers could agree and teach following one efficient method, everybody would love and enjoy speaking in English!

And is that not the goal of any teacher? Having students enjoying learning and coming in class with a smile?

It should be! And it will be mine if one day I become a teacher!


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