David Williams

My teaching approach




As every pupil is different a deeper understanding of the nature of each is different. The mental states and emotions of every student i. e. Timidity, local of self confidence in the capacity to learn a different language or problems deriving from diverse sources unknown must be taken into account and lead to an educational philosophy that deals individually with each problem that arises, answering the needs of each student. Speaking personally I am not a psychologist and have not experienced, many problems of this nature with my students, but I imagine the only antidote is a correct attitude in the classroom for each person, based on understanding.


Regarding interlanguage or as one would call innate translation, in other words reverting first to the native tongue, the unique remedy is practice of the second language being learnt centering on receptive and productive skills, focussing on the specific activities being  practiced as mentioned in the syllabus.


As for corrections they should only be given when necessary with an attitude of optimism and tolerance varying in frequency with the level of the students. It is important however to bear in mind the emphasis of learning is totally dependent on the desire of the student to learn, not on the teacher.


The final word to add. An idiom “You can take a horse to water, but can´t make it drink”. Every good teacher finds the right pace for the class, and the “rapport” to suit his pupils.



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