Ricardo Segura

Ricardo Segura TEFL certificate Ricardo Segura TEFL certificate


Businessman, passionate about Sports and father of two bilingual children. I lived in London from 1992 to 2001 where I graduated in Sports Sciences. In relation to teaching English, I have a special interest on language acquisition by young learners combined with sporting activities as the mean to get children motivated to learn a second language.


I do have a special interest in marketing and commercial issues. Right now I expanding my education business to EEUU and South America.

I use English as the first language with my two young children. I'm the Manager of three English-Plus Schools where we teach English to children aged 3 to 12. I am the Manager of englishforsport.com where we teach English to any person that needs language specialisation in Sport and health. I do run an online education Centre with over 4000 students worldwide www.altorendimiento.com. My main interests are English related to sport and fitness. I'm preparing for TEFL through Oxbridge.

I do have over twenty years experience teaching and coaching sports and exercise both to English and Spanish sports teams and athletes.

Masters Degree in Sports Management. UCAM University (Murcia, Spain). 2015 Masters Degree in Marketing and Communication Management. UPV University (Valencia, Spain). 2013 BSc. (Hons.)Sports Science. Metropolitan University (London, UK). 2001 Diploma in Health and Exercise Behaviour. City University (London, UK). 1996

My teaching approach

online and Alcoy (Alicante), Spain.

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