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Olivia Ebere Umegbolu TEFL certificate Olivia  Ebere Umegbolu TEFL certificate


A calm,peaceful and caring teacher who loves God and humanity. l believe that learning is a lifelong experience and impacting other is my hobby.



Presently,I am s Sunday school teacher in my church both in adults and children sessions.I was an English teacher in a secondary school too.



My teaching approach

                         MY TEACHING APPROACH

                 The Eclectic Teaching Approach.

    Language and communication are some of  things that make human beings distinct from other livings things.

Globally, English  language stands out as a widely spoken language.

 .It gives its speakers a chance for effective communication where ever they find themselves.As regards to this, people from different walks of life desire to learn English as a foreign  or second language . Moreover, people learn English language  to meet one need or the other or to achieve a particular goal or for other purposes.However, these  persons   irrespective of their diverse needs, can be categorised commonly by some traits, such as the best method for then to absorbe a given information.This could be through visual stimuli,(pictures and vieodes) Auditory stimuli(listening) or Kinesthetic stimuli(body language, gestures).

Besides, the level of a learner,age,  the background,the purpose or need  for learning English,it may be for job, academic or business purposes,these are factors that should not be undermined when one is choosing  a method to teach them effectively.     Obviously, there are many  methods and approaches at the teachers disposal to pass on information to the learners of this second Language and non of the approaches is complete alone in teaching the three categories of English Language i.e.Structure.(grammar) Vocabulary and Topic which a learner needed.       Personally, I believe so much on what is real and obtainable, in this view, I cherish the idea of using different approaches in different situations as needs and levels, pace of the learners varies.                                           The end point is to ensure that good atmosphere is created for learning and the communicative                skill,accuracy and fluency of the leaners are enhanced.Above all, the needs for wanting to learn English as a second language is accomplished.                                                                                                         A learner of English language as a second language for the purpose of passing exams,I will use the grammar translation method to teach them,(grammar) which encourages the teacher to handover materials to the student to study on their own and pass their examinations. e.g. when definitions of trems are needed.  The grammatical translation method will be  good for Elementary and Basic learners because it encourages repeations which enables the student to learn the correct pronounciation of word and expressions.                       The GMT is useful to show the students the correct controlled structural pattern.  But, the usage will be controlled. On the hand I will use the Direct Method, as an approach to teach vocabulary to the learners, as it is a method which concentrates more on the vocabulary and correction, pronounciation and phonology of words. Here opportuinities are given to students to practice the language on real situations.                                                   Honestly, this approach is superb, for it gives room for oral activities which in turn encourages listening and speaking skills. gradually, the learner will cultivate reading and writing skill perfectly..                                          This method, The direct method will be great for teaching beginners,kids for it uses visual aids, objects, videos to communicate. meaning becuse student native tongue is not allowed in that classroom.                                              Suggest Opedia Method:  is the method that focuses on confidence, creating a comfortable environment that makes the learners loosen up and feel free to learn at their  own pace.  This method enables one to excersise control over the way he/she learns, this is good for those in basic level i.e S1 and its also motivation for all learners in making use of the macro skills- speaking & listening,reading and writing in English language.

Silent Way Method: In this method it focuses on making the learners interact among themselves,with signs and body language,the teacher only guides them when the need be.In this case,they build their self confidence.I feel that this method will good in teaching the dumb.

Callan Method: which uses repetions in other to drill the language into the learner and there is a lot of interactions between the student and the teacher, the teacher constantly ask questions that the students replies and attention is kept throughout the lesson. This method is good for all but students in high intermediate levels find it boring in repeting after the teacher most of the time.                                                     After thoroughly examining some of these teaching methodology, its paramount that the micro skills of English language- structure, vocabulary and topic activities cannot be taught in isolation i.e one needs the other for complete learning and acquisition of language to be accomplished.  knowing vocabularies and how to use them to make a complete sentence is good but, writing is not only the vehicle for conversation if one cannot speak out. this micro and macro activities- grammar,vocabulary and topic,intonation,pronounciation,reading,writing and listening respectively work hand in hand. these depend on the goals,purposes and level of learners which determines the area of improvements thereby enhancing of the targeted languages.                                                                                                                                        I believe in combination of the good sides and concept of each method and also I believe that the main focus of teaching should be on developing communication skills.                                                                                    As it is said in Oxbridge, once you learn how to speak,you can write.  This is an open secret universally.for the fact that majority of the learners want to have the command of English based on their needs for learning the language with regards to these needs,oral actvities are very important.                                                               Structures and vocabularies are in most cases where people have sound knowledge but their pronounciation and breaking their psychological barriers are nothing to write home about.                                                         However, in this modern time/despensation, computer to be precise microsoft has invented aparatus to  spell and correct spellings.  Oral skills such as intonation,pronounciation and fluency in English together with accuracy should be achieved by the use of written Texts and assignment which will be a good approach to consolidate information that has been practiced for all learners and for special students for accademic purpose and passing their examinations.   Assignment should test the students level of knowledge in English. good material should be on the other hand, essential,because I being a new teacher, its necessary to enlist the help of a course book based on the (learners)student level, group and plan my syllabus and my lesson plan.   I will endeavour to create a good atmosphere for learning by allowing the studies of P2 and above to do more of the talking; changing their activity when I notice that the students are bored. I pick topics of interest in control practice allowing them a free practice also letting them choose their topics of interest to improve  their fluency.By this a humuoristic  approach is created in the classroom.                           At this point, the student will be encouraged and entertain no fear of making mistakes, by this measure a rapport is established between me (the teacher) and the students helping the teacher make corrections of their errors without them feeling intimidated or bad about it.                                                                    Moreover, I am so much in support of the modern approach of teaching my students,by using wisdom and wealth of experience to impact them, but by no means impose any thing on them because of my authority as a teacher.This implies  that I should use tha skills I have acquired by experience and guilde the students ,based on their  levels,  stages of  learning and pace of understanding.

             To conclude this exposition, I believe that  there  is a need for  division of labour  between the  teacher and the students for proper language acquciation..The students should expose him or herself constantly to the targeted language(English) he /she  is interested  to learn.There must be an interes to learn and aconscious efforts to speak the language  which propels the brain to respond by processing and storing the new information.This conscusous effort to speak the needed language daily, enhances the usage of the language gradually.The teacher  on the other hand, should endeavours not to be  ridge , rather flexible enough to combine  some of the teaching methods  at his disposal weighing the prons and cones and mindful of the purposes ,and the levels of the students.When this is done,there will be an equllibrium,learning will take place which is  our target.     

                            A LESSON PLAN FOR L2

The lesson will last for 1 hour. It will contain the Activities -3 category of English  Language

The Stucture(Grammer)  15 mintues

The  Wrap up                 5 mintues

The Vocabulary             15mintues

The Wrap up                  5 mintues 

The Topic                     15 mintues

Wrap up                      5,mintues

                                                       The    VOCABULARY  ACTIVITY/PLAY FOOTBALL

OBJECTIVE:  SS  to learn how to play football


 what is Football?

 Who do you like to play with?

What time of the day do you like to play football?



   I,  the teacher will engage in an activity with a ss then allow the ss to do  it themsleves

TT: I play football so well.   ( repeat). Do you like to play football?

SS:Yes,I like to play football

SS2:Do you prefer playing football in the morning or in the evening

SS: I prefre in the evening time

SS2:  Why?

SS:  Because I am less busy in the evening. And you?

SS3 I would like  it in the  morning, becuse I go to work in the evening.

SS3 : I hope you are a  good player?.    

SSI   yes, of course.

I will open an attachment  to show  a picture  of a football field and players in it.

                      WRAP UP

 Who is a football playe?

 What day  do you like  to play foot ball?















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