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Mary Anne Wahing TEFL certificate Mary Anne Wahing TEFL certificate


I'm responsible and reliable person, at the same time I'm flexible with operational needs. I do hard work using my smart attitude . and I will work sincerely and I will put all my efforts for the growth of the company.


Restaurant skills ( setting table and chairs in fine dinning , inventory check up, proper standard for service sequence ) Front office skills ( proper procedure for guest accepting reservation , check in and check out )

I had no idea what to expect in my self , just I know that this decision I make is the best for my new experience and to grow more my personality, and I wonder what if I can't do this? but at the end of the day I thought to my self , even if I can't do it, at least I can say I've tried and gave my best of me. And because of the wonderful experience that I have here in Oxbridge I learn more a lot, I get more idea and knowledge on how to teach various student. And I can say to my self right now that I could actually compete in different people.

I've work in a Korean and gourmet restaurant as a server and host . and also I work in a hotel.

Graduated 4 years course as bachelor of science hotel and restaurant management at Jose Rizal University

My teaching approach





                  I love being a teacher because i can able to make a positive differences on the future. and for me it will be a great and fulfilling challenge. but being a teacher you have a very important responsibility of shaping the lives of young and impressionable children . with this responsibility comes great pride and joy.




               there are many techniques, skills, and practices that can make teacher effective . in my opinion ,being an effective teacher means allowing and environment that enables student to learn to their best abilities. when effective teaching is practiced student develop a love for learning and gain new knowledge about what they are studying. effective teaching can steam from many different practices and ideas such as attitude toward subject matter, implementing difference learning style into lesson, and being passionate about the subject taught. and also student better understand new material and difficult content.

being a teacher means making several decisions concerning planning for instruction, developing teaching strategies, and evaluating outcomes of lesson plan. in the other word being a good teacher you must be knowledgable in the subject that you taught.this does not mean that a person has to be expert ,but the essential skills will be apart in getting the point across to be percieved by the audience.

many people believe that the teacher's personality is needed in classroom teaching.because if the teacher have warmth,emphathy, sensitivity , enthusiasm, and humor you will have a class fun and enjoyable.  just discover new things together. it's more fun for both parties when student and teachers learn new things together. the job of course ,is to educate, but why can't that process include the joy of shared discovery? make a point each day of letting down your authoritative guard ,humbling yourself, even if it's just for a few minutes.



                                                                                                                                                                in teaching english , most of the teacher are using different method one another. ,although they use different methods, the goal is same. teacher want their student to catch and comprehend the lesson. therefor, the most appropraite method that is used will work and get the main goal, which will be reached by student. 1) first building knowledge of the text, 2) modeling, 3) joint constraction of the text , 4) individual constraction of the text . 

building knowledge of the text is one of the methods that is usually used by the teacher in improving students speaking skills. and its a class activity that allows student to apply material that has been taught by the teacher by operating the material in the natural way to speak english as a communication way. 

modeling is another method of teaching that can be used by a teacher , empowers student to observe,discover, classify, and in the process construct the student own knowledge by oral language ,and apply it to their own speaking. for examples the activity can be story telling ,conversation,or any soeaking activities. and if the students understand the activity that they will do ,asked one students to do activity in front of thr class.

joint construction of the text is the method where the teacher and student work together in small group or as a whole class in duscussing a topic that will be talked about it. it is an effective method in teaching students about the process, the forms, the conventions , the skills and behavior of speaking examples - doing a speaking activity like speech, re-telling or others .

independent construction of the text this method is made for showing the students competence in speaking english. for example the students perform their presentation of speaking in front of the class . the presentation can be dialog,describing things ,or others. 

the process of this methods can help students to improve the student speaking skills. to make them speak english more fluently. 



i can be their facilitator , firstly we define the term facilitate which stand to promote ,to help forward ,to make easy. a teacher role would be to promote learning,to help student , to develop more and more by learning,by providing them a conductive environment to interact with, in order to bring about learning and further development. when a teacher part of the environment in which student learning ,or participating in the process of instruction, this an instructional input that when he/she is in providing certain guidance in order to bring about learning of the students by way of their interaction with relevant instructional components. he/she facilitator of learning , there are different method to promote learning .some are project work, experimentation home assignment. all such methods show that teacher guides student as how to go about leraning sequence ,this facilitating their learning .at last we can conclude that in all student centered methods,teacher is a facilitator and not a participant. 


in my conclusion teaching approach ,is how you can be a good teacher in a student .on how you can implies a day to day work and commitment . and it can only achieved with innovation ,patience, respect for his student ,understanding , a good balance between flexibility and strictnes, but most of all a immense love for the profession.



Lesson plan

QUICK QUESTION : 5 minutes

structure: 15 minutes

expressing likes, dislike , preference and option 

objectives: the student will be able to ask what someone else likes and respond with their authentic like and dislike

activity : likes and dislike mimes 

            1) students mime whole sentence about like and dislike e.g miming "i hate tea" by chosen a picture in the graph

           2) things that you don't like/dislike in your house 

vocabulary: 20 minutes

job and duties in a restaurant

objectives : costumer satisfaction and build a repeat customer base.

activity : elements of food service 

            1) students try to match the vocabulary with approite picture

            2) student will name different types of food they can find in a restaurant 

            3) role play ( costumer service sequence ) 

topic : 20 minutes 

corporate world and swots 

human resources policy 

objectives : to asses strenght and weaknesses is it help the company firmly understand its core market advantages and areas that competitors may critize the company for .

activity : quizz 

            1) about SWOT analysis



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