Alexei Rahubenco

Alexei Rahubenco TEFL certificate Alexei Rahubenco TEFL certificate


Hardworking,ambitious,speak fluent four languages.


practicing sports,fluent in 4 languages,nontraditional teaching methods project,microsoft word/excel,powerpoint.

Oxbridge TEFL course

4 years hospitality experience.

English-French teacher bachelor degree diploma,1 year teaching experience.

My teaching approach

                                              " How I would approach,teaching English"


      People try to master English language because it is known that they need English in various aspects of life.As a very common example is when applying for job,or when people want to get into an English speaking school,for traveling,or just as simple as a hobby.Then the English language teacher and his approaches fulfilled in the class will be pivotal in learning process.

In my perspective the key of a good and successful teacher, is defined that through his approaces in the class, pushes students to want to do their best,while in the same time trying to make learning interesting as well as creative.I would like to emphasize the aspects and approaches of learning English from my position,glancing as a teacher,strategies that I use in a class,to make a good and fulfilled English lesson.

   "A good begining,makes a good end", I consider that the Warm up activity plays a huge importance in an English class,It sets the tone of the lesson.Switching students thinking into "English Mode".Through a tongue twister,a quote,a statement, teacher will bring up communicative approach method.Students will practice and experiment the language,thus it will occur a positive atmosphere in the class.As for development part of Syllabus, I like to bring a set of activities using specific approaches depending on student's level of English.For young students I am  combining, grammar learning and practicing,using visual materials as:schemes,pictures,posters,thus it will stir student's visual memory and efficiency of learning.As for more advanced students, speaking in groups and correcting mistakes as we go through the tasks,is the most effective and relevant approach.Drilling or practicing pronunciation, and fluency of the language, these are the methods I am focused on the most.The relevance of Audio,Video materials is one major didactical strategy I use in my English class.Especially for intermediate and advanced students.These types of activities,ex:(watching a short video related to the topic,listerning pronunciation of a speech) not only make English class more fun,but also is based on major skills of listerning and visual memory,thus students absorbe learning process as a sponge.making it unconditional.Other way speaking each ot these audio-video activities is an experience.The more students get to experience the more they will easily master English.As I am focusing on having an interactive English class,learning through games is always more fun.It could be applied for all types of students,but according to their age and knowledge level, I use games different.For young learners who are more energetic and active I use more exciting games.For more advanced learners,adults challenging ones such as word games,puzzles.My goal is using games in an efficient way of teaching,students get  better results in the classroom.It arises students motivation.Games prepare young students for life and aquire positive social attitudes.Students learn sharing,helping each other and working as a team.A student learns by doing,living,trying,and immitating.This kind of learning is lasting.Especially in learning process of a foreign language.For a higher level students I use Inductive method of learning,I am using it especially when presenting a class text ,depicting a rule or an idea.As a teacher, I like rather to guide students than just deducting rules ideas treated in class text or grammar exercises ect.Of course they might come up with alternative ideas or radical observations which are nothing to do with the real meaning .But that doesn't matter as long as they participate and think for themselves.So they become aware of it.Get the students to notice a paricular idea in that context.Finally I will explicitly confirm the rule the students have discovered,I have guided them to it.Through Inductive method students become more critical thinking,and I find it efficient.The inductive method, require greater student participation,thus they are involved in aquiring knowledge,in the end,students end up learning with deeper understanding.

     However, I use a set of traditional and nontraditional teaching methods in  an English class.I try to stick around the five principles by Molilie Immel-Brown that will lead students learning English easier, that helped me a lot when was a student.Those would be:Motivation,Attitude,Pacing,Exposure,and Practice.Motivation is a support from our self that allows us to do something we want enthusiastically.The motivation is the starting point of starting anything,including learning English.Some students have lack of motivation,that's why English teacher stands up as a motivator source talking with students of importance of English in nowadays and how the language is directly related to news,cinema,politics,science ect.As well as motivation,attitude has a leading role in learning students to master English.The attitude means that students should interpret an English learning in a positive way.Speaking in other words when students have a positive thinking in learn English,their skill of English will increase a lot.Another key in Learning English is Pacing.Pacing is defined as a certain way or track that students choose to help them learning English.And again tha's why teacher's role in a class is so important giving the right pace of the class that is crucial.I try to keep  the right balance of pace depending the level of English of that specific class.The next principle of learning English is Exposure.Exposure here means the experience of students of learning English.The more students get to experience,the more they will easily master English.This can be defined through the activities I provide in class.Let say students have to write a composition they will get not only knowledge,but will get also experience.Besides by having much experience,the students will be used to learn English,because the more they will do activities about English,the more they will like English.That's why I am trying to treat classes with lots of activities.Practice,probably has the biggest contribution in learning English.Learning a foreign language is all about practicing.Therefore,practice is truly important for students in learning English.Practicing  pronunciation,grammar,fluency of speech,writing,reading,counting is all part of the process which will bring faster and better results in learning English.In my perspective these five principles are essential in learning English I always take them into considerance when having a class.

"A good begining, makes a good end" this quote stands out as a code and answer of all the learning methods and tips mentioned above,and many others,allthough learning process of a foreign language has no limits.But what is known for sure is that the teacher, is the hub in an English class.The teacher will make his class, unic experience for students leading them to new heights of knowledge of English language. 



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