Joao Monteiro

Joao Monteiro TEFL certificate Joao Monteiro TEFL certificate


I a m curious, interested , and proactive person the likes a lot to teach and to talk to share ideas.


Know French, Portuguese, Spanish,English , know office and programming languages, mats, and like to do sports, travelling, dancing, boardgames , hiking, talking.

I teach maths , languages, music and dane privatly

I work in consulting, banks, technical support, and sales.

Degree in Maths Degree in classical guitar

My teaching approach

Why teach?


Teaching and learning are for me one of the most important things  in our mankind,We during our lives should be always receptive to teach and being teached, otherwise we don’t progress as human beings , and society with higher levels or teaching work better are more civilized and have less social problems. In teaching and learning is important motivation, resilience, and work , in a constant  way with consistency , can be harder t beginning but in middle, long term results are found .And the results for the individual are vast !!


I have always like to teach, being son of fathers teachers , that luckely always had the time and patience to teach me new things i gather this pleasure to like to teach.  The main reward  is making students happy, selfconscious , pensative and to get the conscience that during the learning there is a a point when you feel your student know something new or understood something he had doubts with. And in modern society the more you learn the more you know and more possibilities you have in your life , that will give more happiness.




Languages like many others things are subjects that i like a lot to learn. And need to be learn step by step with motivation and patience. But at the end reward its very satisfying ! We can communicate ! Witch is one of the most important things that a human being needs to do to be part in a society and to relate with others.



Firstly, how do we learn? Reading, writing, listening and speaking are the four macro skills when it comes to learning a new language.Writing will be the skill less used because I want to students to have the opportunity to talk as much as they can, with me the the teacher , as guide , or with the others , if the class has more than 1 students. Inside of that macros there are the micro skills  : like grammar , vocabulary , pronunctiation, witch we study like a more profund look of the macro skills.

  In my classes i will teach talking to the students and creating activities for them to train grammar, and if there are more than one students, to promote debates to make them exercice with each others the language. Training slowly pronunciation of words its always very important to students have a good accent and being better understood. I like also to motivate students keeping the class with a good rhythm , varied subjects, and then we can open a little a conversation, using subjects that each of student likes ,becoming the teach very personalized and adapted to each student. Also  giving always feedback for students to feel they feel part of the class, correct their mistakes in a constructive way and tell them their progression from class to class  . And at the end of each class I like to make a report of the subjects taught and make some references of some keywords that I prepare before the class.

I give class for every ages, from childrens to older people, and i teach all levels , adapting the levels of  teaching depending the feedback and knowledge of the student.

Every class will have diferent toppics prepared by me, and send days before , for the student to prepare himself for the class.

Promoting debates will be a thing in comum in each of the of the levels , the grammar and vocabulary will more more difficult as the levels progress , but for me what is really important is to adapt the speech to each student for a good empatie and better learning.

After  the classes students  will have beneficts in Reading books and talking with friends is a very good way to after class to progress the understand in a faster way .


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