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Kevin Dougan TEFL certificate Kevin Dougan TEFL certificate


I am a native English speaker from Scotland and I live in Malaga in the South of Spain. I am an intelligent, adaptable, reliable person with a friendly, positive outlook to work and life. My key strengths for teaching English are patience, innovation and making my classes as fun and interesting as possible for my students. I have travelled a lot and I enjoy getting to know new places and cultures, I really like the interaction with my students and providing entertaining lessons.


Spanish - upper intermediate

ESL TEACHER, ECLASS, CHILE 09/15 - 09/17 Taught at many businesses, retail courses and 1-1 online classes. Responsible for oral/written evaluations with feedback. ESL TEACHER, UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA, CHILE 01/17 - 05/17 Taught large classes on campus and advanced individual courses. ESL TEACHER, ENGLISH INTERACTIVE, CHILE 09/16 - 03/17 Toefl/Ielts preparation. Personal development courses. ENGLISH TRAINER, THE HUMAN GROUP, CHILE 04/16 - 11/16 Trained and coached students with specific targets, created intensive development programmes. ESL TEACHER, HEWLETT PACKARD, CHILE 06/16 - 08/16 Created course programmes for mixed-level groups at 4 companies. POLICY OFFICER, SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT 06/11 - 06/14 Facilitation, project management, Ministerial correspondence.

CELTA, SANTIAGO, CHILE 120-hour Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate BA (HONS) POLITICS & INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 09/03 06/07 University of Dundee, Scotland [2:1]

My teaching approach

I believe that only when a student’s mind is fully active and engaged can any serious learning be done, this is therefore the responsibility of the teacher to make the classes interesting, enjoyable and dynamic. It is also vital to understand your students and find the best way that they are going to learn and adapt classes accordingly.

The connection between teacher and student is fundamental to productive learning, I believe only when a student feels truly comfortable with their teacher can they develop their confidence to really push themselves and try new things. This allows for faster and more efficient learning and makes the whole learning journey one to really enjoy and embrace.

Patience is key in the classroom, if a student is feeling under pressure then they are not going to produce their most effective English and without patience, the experience will not be an enjoyable one for the teacher nor the student. Patience is essential as students need that space to explore, getting things wrong is part of the process, it is about encouraging students to try things, to let their talk flow and identify the errors and work on them through interesting activities.


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