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Masterclass in ESL at Oxbridge to share and learn about expertise areas

The Oxbridge English Teaching System (OETS) is made out of a wide and wide community of teachers from different countries and backgrounds. Offering a masterclass in ESL for different areas of expertise was necessary and easy at the same time, having in mind the richness of profiles of our community members. This is why we are currently devoting our Friday meetings to masterclasses presented by our teachers. Each teacher has or will create a presentation about their area of expertise.

In order to teach a successful ESL class, the deeper the understanding of the matter, the better. Still, many trained and skillful English teachers are asked for help in subjects that are far from their own educational background. How can we minimize the risk of failing to teach a specific ESL class? Should we just say no to it? Maybe there is a way of accomplishing both tasks: teaching successful English classes and taking care of the learners’ specific request for material.

Confidence comes with knowledge and experience and both passing on knowledge from one teacher to another and sharing experiences are our trademark. Our masterclasses are aimed at bringing closer English teachers with different educational profiles and that way we can be much more powerful when creating ESL material and teaching it.

Here are last Friday, 12th May, amazing masterclasses.

Raoni Farias – a masterclass in ESL about architecture. An overview of architecture´s history, from ancient, asian and islamic, middle ages, modernism, postmodernism to nowadays.

Find here Raoni’s presentation: Masterclass in ESL in Architecture by Raoni Farias
Vincent Chieppa - a masterclass in ESL about social development. Engaging activities and games to discuss education in develop and underdeveloped countries.

Oxbridge teaching system - sharing areas of expertise

Perla Carvalho - a masterclass in ESL about nutrition. Differentiation between eating habits and nutrition. Quick overview of eating disorders and nutrition information.
Julie Labate - a masterclass in ESL about anthropology and archeology. Definition of anthropology and the different fields within it, with special mention of linguistic anthropology.

Find here Julie’s presentation: Masterclass in ESL in Anthropology by Julie Labate

Oxbridge teaching system - sharing areas of expertise


The general feeling after the masterclasses was of better understanding and gratitude. Many thanks for all your brilliant presentations, your passion is our passion now!


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