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Online TEFL Course with teaching practice and job opportunities worldwide.

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The Oxbridge online TEFL course by videoconference is designed to provide high quality teaching preparation based on excellent content, with a strong emphasis on teaching practice.

This online TEFL course is ideal if you

  1. Want to combine your TEFL teacher preparation with other working or English teaching activities
  2. Have time restraints or not able to afford a TEFL classroom course but don’t want to give up quality training
  3. Make the most of your TEFL training and have great teaching practice with real students
  4. Want to be achieve full TEFL accreditation with economy of resources
  5. Want to gain TEFL experience and be eligible for English teaching positions worldwide
  6. Don’t want to study alone but want guidance from TEFL experienced professionals

ESL teaching practice is the most important aspect of the OxbridgeTEFL online courses and what makes this TEFL course significantly different from any other online TEFL courses

We are pioneers in incorporating live streaming classes by videoconference in our virtual learning environment

These live classes with your professional trainer, along with online units for self-study and teaching practice, ensure great preparation on completion. Live videoconference TEFL sessions!

You will experience

  1. The best quality online TEFL course with real English teaching practice and live online training sessions
  2. 120 hours of English teaching input from the comfort of your own home
  3. Live daily 1 hour training sessions with experienced trainers by videoconference
  4. Teacher-friendly online units with links to videos and relevant content for self-study
  5. Up to 20 hours of monitored English teaching practice with real students under the guidance of experienced and multicultural teachers
  6. Ideal for people with time limitations who require flexibility in their schedule
  7. 120 hour internationally recognized TEFL certificate on completion with record of achievements
  8. €499 price offered to the best candidates after a successful interview
  9. Job offers on completion for the best TEFL graduates

With ESL teaching practice on the OxbridgeTEFL course, you will gain the confidence to teach English in any and all situations, and more importantly without having to use resources such as translation. You will therefore be prepared to teach English in any country in the world. Book an interview for an online TEFL course!

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