May 2012

A Diamond Celebration

httpv:// On the 5th June this year the Queen will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee; 60 years as a REIGNING MONARCH.


Apr 2012

TITANIC – 100 Years

httpv:// Titanic is the world’s most famous maritime disaster in history. The colossal four funnelled ship hit an iceberg in the Atlantic ocean during it’s maiden voyage on April 10 1912 and sank to the icy bottom, making history worldwide.


Mar 2012

Friday Fun: The History of English #10

httpv:// The history of the English language series concludes with this final video that shows how English has now spread around the world and is spoken by over 1.5 billion people. It’s interesting to note that only 1/4 of these people are native English speakers. So there’s no reason to not learn English!


Mar 2012

St. Patrick’s Day – Don’t make a parade out it!!!!

httpv:// Many people around the world celebrate St Patrick’s Day on the March 17th He is the most commonly recognised Patron saint of Ireland and commemorates Christianity being introduced to this Emerald Isle.


Mar 2012

Friday Fun: The History of English #9

httpv:// This week the history of English video series looks at the impact of the Internet on the English language…


Feb 2012

Woolly Mammoths in Andalucia

httpv:// It has been discovered that Andalucía was as cold as Scandinavia – and Woolly Mammoths foraged for food and shelter


Feb 2012

Friday Fun: The History of English #8

httpv:// The series about the history of the English language continues with more examples of how English has changed over time. This video includes details about American English. It may be something that people are a lot more common with, especially with the impact of American ‘movies’ or ‘films’. Do you know any words that are different in British and American English? What about the…

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Feb 2012

Friday Fun: The History of English #7

httpv:// The history of English series now reaches the first dictionaries. This shows an attempt to control and record the English language by writing the meanings of words in a rather large book. However, as the video demonstrates ‘English is a very rich language’ and there are always new words being introduced! Have a look at: for the official dictionary of the English language with over…

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