10 Real Reasons to do a TEFL Course in Spain


Jul 2017

10 Real Reasons to do a TEFL Course in Spain

TEFL Course in Spain – The time is now! July and August are the best months to decide to make the step into sunshine by signing yourself up to a TEFL course in September here in Spain. It’s the perfect time to start something new. If you are a native English speaker or bilingual and you have an upbeat, positive attitude towards life then it’s time…

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Apr 2017

Enriching activities collaboratively: engagement and challenge in topics

At Oxbridge, we develop our own materials and we are passionate about what we teach, hence, our priority is our students’ engagement and challenge in topics and the quality of the material that we use in our lessons. This is why our Friday meetings are devoted to CPD (continuous professional development), collaborative work, sharing of experiences and ideas. There are various and multiple factors that affect the…

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Jun 2012

Potatoes with your car wash?!

httpv:// Attracting business is extremely TOUGH in today’s world but it seems that one Madrilenian car wash owner will go to any extreme to get your money. He is offering to wash your car and you can take away a bottle of Rioja, three kilos of potatoes or he will buy you a beer in the bar across the road.


Jun 2012

No Pollution! No Cars!

Have a look at this video… Madrid has recently mentioned that it has plans to create a LOW-EMISSION zone in the city centre and would ban all cars from polluting the city. The suggested TOLL is similar to the ones implemented in other European coutries such as London, Milan and Germany – called the CONGESTION CHARGE.


Jun 2012

Is graffiti vandalism or street art?

httpv:// Madrid has witnessed an increasing amount of Graffiti in the city recently. TAGS – are the names given to the graffiti we see – they are the initials of the artist and cover many walls, buildings and doorways of most cities, but not more recently so than in Madrid.


Apr 2012

EUROVEGAS – America in Europe

httpv:// An America tycoon wants to build Vegas in Europe and has chosen Spain as the destination. The American business tycoon, Sheldon Adelson wants to emulate Nevada’s state cash cow ‘Las Vegas’ here in Spain and is deciding where to build – Madrid or Barcelona.


Nov 2011

HAKE HOAX? – Get Your Teeth Into This Topic!!

httpv:// Consumers in Spain trust the mild-flavored white flesh of hake, which is the most popular fish in a country that eats more seafood than almost any other in Europe. Hake is considered safe for pregnant women, and kids crunch into the cod-like fillets as fishsticks. “There’s trust because of the cultural bond,” said Cristina San Martín, head of quality and food safety at Fedepesca,…

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Nov 2011

Oxbridge and Ciball host first teacher’s meeting

On the 3rd of November Oxbridge joined forces with CIBALL – A centre in Madrid developed as a meeting place for innovators associated with the network of New Technologies run by Madrid City Council – to hold a meeting called  “Working Together, Sharing Experiences”.  


Sep 2011

Oxbridge on ESL Base

Oxbridge TEFL Courses available for a special sponsored rate of 499€: