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  • We work with educational institutions worldwide that fund part of the trainees’ tuition.
  • Our profit in OxbridgeTEFL comes from schools willing to invest in well certificated teachers, that’s why our TEFL course is half of the regular price you will find everywhere else but we only accept candidates after completing an interview with us. You can be interviewed online or in Madrid or Barcelona.

  • Our community is NOT closed to only our TEFL graduates. Learn how to access to the Oxbridge TEFL community with any TEFL certificate.


TEFL course design:

20 hours of Teaching Practice
  • Our graduates complete 20 hours of monitored teaching practice with real students, gaining experience with all levels of learners, all ages and different learners’ needs (general English, business English, teaching young learners and other ESP) +info >


  • 1 week
  • The Language Analysis module looks in detail at English grammar and the technical building blocks that are essential knowledge for all English teachers. Not only do you learn how the English language works but what is the best way to teach it to foreign students, what difficulties they go through in the learning process and how to overcome them.
  • 1 week
  • The Lesson Planning module is very practical and gives you the most important skills in language teaching, which are creating and adapting communicative learning material and teaching beginners without using the learners’ native tongue for translating the vocabulary and the structures. Here we get you to work on creating activities or lesson plans during the week. Its workshop format turns the module into an engaging and creative space where the trainees discover their most creative side.
  • 1 week
  • The Teaching Methodologies module focuses on the different principles and and approaches to teaching. We guide you to find an answer to the question “What makes a good teacher?” and to enable you to discover the teacher in you. The Oxbridge TEFL course shows you how to teach complete beginners solely using the target language, English, which means that you can teach English to people all around the world.
  • 1 week
  • The Teaching Skills module contains a lot of the key issues about delivering successful classes and includes sessions on classroom management, error correction, preparing students for exams, level testing, teaching English by conference calls and English for specific purposes, such as English in Law, English in Medicine, Business English, English for young learners, etc. We give you assistance for developing a career as an English teacher with practical tips and advice.