The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy


Last month Hurricane Sandy caused DEVASTATING levels of damage to several large cities on the East Coast of the United States.
Atlantic City was almost completely SUBMERGED by flood waters before Sandy hit land and in the light of day it became clear the town had ENDURED heavy damage. The city’s historic boardwalk was partially washed away.

The barrier island town of Ocean City, N.J., also took a huge hit from Sandy. Some streets were still OVERWHELMED with water on the Tuesday evening, while others were still blocked and unable to be used. People were experiencing UNPARALLELED frustration as their was no electricity or internet in many homes.

In addition, the state’s transportation INFRASTRUCTURE experiencined challenges. The Path train and the Holland Tunnel, which connect New Jersey with New York City, remained closed on the Tuesday evening.

Have you ever been in a hurricane or severe weather? Have you ever experienced any extreme weather in Spain?


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