Break the wall with a TEFL course



TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. TEFL courses are preparing you for the teaching profession. It is not enough to be a native English speaker in order to become a teacher, even though having a native-like level of English is a must. A good TEFL course should give you all the insights of this profession so that you can make your first steps in it with confidence, skills and knowledge. Then only experience and practice will make of you a great teacher!

The OxbridgeTEFL course is an intensive training course created from and incorporating the expertise of many years of successful English language training of thousands of students. The OxbridgeTEFL course is structured into four modules that give you the skills needed to teach engaging ESL classes all around the world. The OxbridgeTEFL course guarantees in-depth training based on a vision of applied linguistics, which we have developed from shared experiences.

At OxbridgeTEFL we like to teach engaging, innovative classes that make students use the English language from day one until they have a full command of the structures and the vocabulary with fluency and confidence. The experiences, advice and knowledge that you gain whilst on our TEFL course in Barcelona, Madrid and by videoconference come not only from our experienced team of TEFL trainers but also from the benefit of meeting in class a large group of experienced English language teachers with who you will share real teaching practice.

The Oxbridge TEFL course in Madrid, Barcelona or online will show you several different methods of teaching but more importantly it will also encourage you to ask the right questions, such as “How can we teach English better?”, as the language is dynamic and ever-changing, so the teaching methodologies should also adapt and evolve. We encourage all our TEFL students to get involved as much as possible in this very practical TEFL course.


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