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Building a career as an English teacher

Deciding to join the English teaching profession is a great decision if you want to start a career that would allow you to enjoy both the process and the result of your work. Teaching involves meeting and interacting with hundreds of interesting people willing to learn from and with you. You will immediately feel the benefits of a job well done in your students? everyday progress. As a teacher, you will experience lots of rewarding situations, such as happiness and gratitude coming from the learners that highly appreciate and value your dedication and expertise.

All these positive sensations are a part of the experience of teaching English as a foreign language. But so is the strong preparation that it entails. There is no good professional without a solid knowledge on the subject and the best idea of how to convey their message to their students. Choosing the right course is therefore essential as a first step towards success in your future career.

When you choose a course there are some factors to consider which affect the final result of your preparation. Think of issues such as length of the course and the skills you will acquire with it, its price and what you actually get for it, group size, the balance between in-class hours and teaching practice hours, types of teaching practice offered, course location and options for online preparation, course content and structure along with online learning environment, final certification, and last but not least, job opportunities upon the course completion and ongoing teacher support.

OxbridgeTEFL offers you the possibility of becoming an English teacher in one month through its 120 hour certified training course with job opportunities for the best graduates. You can be one of the 5 trainees per group to have the experience of participating in class debates, workshops and constant guidance in your teaching practice by our experienced teachers teaching real students from the very first day.

You can choose to do our course in either Barcelona, Madrid or online through video conference calls with the trainers.

Book an interview with one of our advisors and join for the chance to qualify for our sponsored rate of 499euros.

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