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Hadia Mansour

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I was born in Oxford, England to a Spanish mother and a Egyptian father therefore growing up in a multicultural enviroment that has unravelled my curiosity and interest in both languages and cultures. Having always been surronded by foreign people, teaching English pretty much came naturally as it became a fun way to help others communicate.


Bilingual in Spanish and English. Intermediate French. A little Arabic

My teaching approach

Language is a social activity and requires a social approach to learning. For this reason I believe, that we should say good bye to the impersonal out dated methodologies; such as the grammar translation method and the audio lingual method. In order to welcome a communicative approach with open arms.  Of course these methods work for acquiring certain aspects of a foreign language, but they do not focus their attention on fluency. Which in my opinion, is of the utmost importance.

Now a days we are living in a multi cultural society where English has become a necessity. As a result of this, ta persons need to learn English may range from: simply being able to aid their children in their English homework, to depending on English for their line of work or even just for their personal benefit.

We are incredibly lucky to be living in an era where psychology and society are finally being accepted and recognized as affective factors to a students learning. In light of this, I believe us, as teachers should learn everything we can about our students in order to adapt our syllabus and approach to suit them specifically. It’s important to take into consideration their learning style, be it visual, kinesthetic or auditory. Evidently in larger classes with varying ranges of capabilities, an approach as such will result rather challenging. However, it can be achieved through ensuring to incorporate a variety of activities in a class.

What I want to do in my personal methodology is shift the focus back to what’s important and that is communication. I beleive that by incorporating  through the exposure to authentic language and realia