October 2019
Laura Alejandra Gonzalez
Hola/Hello! Soy una profesora y traductora de inglés nativo con más de una década de experiencia enseñando en América y Europa. Contáctame si quieres aprender y practicar tu inglés de una forma intuitiva, natural, y lo más importante super entretenida. Crearemos un espacio para fomentar conversaciones en inglés -ajustadas a tu nivel- sobre temas y tópicos de tu preferencia. Ya ...


October 2019
Albert Centell Ribas
Multilingual and open minded English, Spanish and Catalán teacher. I come from a film production and screenwriting background, therefore I use lots of Images, video or sounds in order to make the class and understanding of the student easier and friendlier. I believe that classes should be fun, focusing on the confidence in the student and prioritizing fluency in the language a...


September 2019
Joaquin Rial
I'm a psychology graduate from Spain. I moved to the UK to do my undergraduate and master's degrees. I've worked face to face in customer service for the last 6 years, where I've learned to be flexible, motivated and objective focused. I'm an enthusiastic teacher that will focus on your specific needs. I have a passion for English language and would love to share that with y...


July 2019
Andrea Terenghi
Bienvenido a una nueva forma de aprender inglés. Después de toda una vida en el mundo financiero de la City en Londres, decidí pasar la página y comenzar una nueva aventura aquí en Madrid. Recuerdo que, al comienzo de mi experiencia en inglés, como cualquier alumno que me sentía perdido y luchaba por superar la barrera del idioma; pero, lentamente, la necesidad dictada por el...


June 2019
Leonie Forshaw
I am professional in hospitality management, the service industry an customer service skills. I am passionate in English teaching and have experience in helping young foreign students in adapting their English language skills....


June 2019
Paul Jarvis
I'm a qualified English teacher with three years experience. I'm a pedant and a real grammar nerd so will really look to eradicate your small mistakes over time. I'm good at adapting the class to different levels in the moment so if I see you're struggling I can slow it down. Equally, if it's obvious that you're finding the class too easy, I can make it more challenging for y...


May 2019
Julio Iribarren
I am Julio Iribarren, a skilled and motivated professional with an interesting and versatile background in Business, Stock Trading, Geoscience and the Oil Industry....


April 2019
Evie Boyle
English teacher and language enthusiast living in Barcelona with an interactive teaching approach focused toward strengthening verbal communicative skills. ...


March 2019
Leanne Banks
I am a TEFL qualified native English teacher from Manchester, England (UK) and qualified human resources professional with over 12 years’ HR experience.  I have most recently worked for 4 years as a HR manager for a large national UK legal firm.  I have extensive experience of employee relations, resourcing / recruitment, training / development and reward management. ...


February 2019
Gabriella Pinto
I'm a multimedia content producer and native English teacher from Cape Town, South Africa. As a passionate, empathetic and enthusiastic individual, I hope to instil confidence and empower all my students to communicate confidently in English. ...