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I consider myself a very easy going person,open minded a very sociable ( I really like spending time with my friends), I love to meet new people specially from differents countries and what I like to do most is travel. I like working with people,specially with kids and teenagers and i think i get along with them very good.I really like to talk with people that´s why everyone calls me "chatty". I see myself in the future travelling and teaching at the same time.


- " Leisure monitor and free time", Villanueva del pardillo, Madrid. - "Voluteering" in Peru and disabled kids and their Parents(Educational projects and Health talks)

My teaching approach


As a native Spanish speaker, I have been an English student( because it was mandatory) till I went to university, that´s why I can put myself in others people´s  shoes, therefore I can understand how difficut can be at times to learn a new language, and I can emphatize with them, specially if you are like me,I am this kind of person that  I detested english all my life as I never liked the way I was taught by my teachers,on top of this, I was always taught using my native language and we did not use to have conversations at all, I remember telling my teacher "why we don´t play games or listen to music for us to don´t get bored and she used to tell me " we don`t come to school to play" , basically everytime I had to attend an english class I was horrified because I was afraid of making mistakes and that`s why I hated englsh all my life., therefore,.I always thought that theachers are very responsible of the students success or failure. 

When I was a teenager I never understood the point of learning engish as I did not have to use it on my daily basis in Spain.

Then the years passed, I grew up  and I realized how important is to know a new language. 

My passion for traveliling and my desire to live abroad made myself  to move to London as there were looking for Spanish nurses( with a B2 level at least ). Two weeks before I moved there, I did a test to find out my englsh level and unfortunetly my level was the lowest one " A1". Everyone adviced me to don´t go as I was not going to be able to get a job as a nurse . I like to listen to people´s advices but I always end up doing what I believe I should do, therefore I moved there, as I always say " POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS".

I went to my first job interview and the person who interviewed me told me that my engligh was not good enough for me to became a registrer nurse there, but, lucky me, she gave me the job straight away, without thinking, because she believed in my possibilities, I could not believe it!

I am not going to lie, the first year was extremely difficult for me as I could not understand anything when I was at work. I did not go to school, academy or anything, my teachers were my patients and my work colleagues and I will be always thankfull as they were the ones who believed in my possibilities, my colleagues day after a day MOTIVATED me.

After aroud four  years living there, I realized that  I needed a break of Nursing, I wanted a change in my life, therefore, I went for a 8 months trip around Asia on my own and I learnt many of the things that I learnt was that I wanted to became an English teacher, to keep improving myself and to  help others to do exactly the same,that´s why i am studing the TEFL course.

I consider myself as a fun person, enthusiastic and open-minded, therefore my main goal as a teacher is to make my students learn how to communicate and express themselves in the most efficient way.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to identify each leaners needs, to know their expectations,motivations,goals and feelings .A class will never be the same for a shy learner, than for a chatty one, or for example for someone who is forced to learn english at work or school,  than for someone who wants to explore the world and meet new people,that´s why in any case it is important to create a suitable environment and make sure that the leaners feel relax, comfortable, I don´t want them to be afraid of making mistakes,because  as I always say " Never make fun of someone who speaks broken english, it means they know another language". I want as much as possible to have fun, to laugh, to enjoy at the same time that they learn, because learning and having fun at the same time is POSSIBLE!

This is why is very important to grade the language to each student`s level, to make sure they get the most of the "teacher talking time" then they can imitate these sound later on,the teacher will be their imitation model, therefore I want to crete a very good relationship with them, i don´t want them to see me as an authoritation model.

My teaching approach Teaching English as a foreign language is a new experience for me as I have never taught before up to now that i am a student TEFL. I have found TEFL the training very interesting,I have been observing and I now know there are many different teaching methods, but I want mine to be personalised, I want basically to be engaged with my students throught conversations due to my previuos experiences of learning, because I believe that the best way to learn English is thorugh conversations.I want them as well to learn with games, listening to music that they like,watching videos, i will also use articles for them to discuss between theselves  what they think, I want them to interact. I will always start my class with " Quick questions" as how was their weekend for example, and I will finish my class with a wrap up, then I can see what they have learnt, and always whising them a nice day and asking them about their plans for example, and ALWAYS i will be teaching my classes solely in English not using at all their native language as there is always a way to express ourselves without speaking using for example methods as the Universal body language and I think that the students won´t forget as is a visual method of learning.

I am looking forward te became an english teacher because i will be able to travel around the world at the same time that I teach english.

Learning a new language allows you  to feel free to explore the world therefore you get the chance to meet different people with different cultures and that`s what make me happy, and life is about Happiness,isn´t?

My advice for the students will be " It always seems imposibe until is done" but "Everything is possible because you are capable of amazing things" so DON¨T GIVE UP:-)