Break the wall with a TEFL course



ESL teaching practice is the most important aspect of the OxbridgeTEFL course in Madrid, Barcelona and online by videoconference and what makes this TEFL course significantly different from any other TEFL course. We came to realise that many TEFL graduates were being sent out into the ESL teaching world ill-prepared and with a lack of real experience, so on our TEFL course we aim to get every TEFL student to complete up to 20 hours of observations and practical teaching sessions with ‘real’ students.

With the OxbridgeTEFL course ESL teaching practice, you will gain the confidence to teach in any and all situations and more importantly without having to use resources such as translation. You will therefore be prepared to teach in any country in the world.

This is one of the most useful ways of getting an ESL job afterwards because you can demonstrate that you’ve had experience with a range of different groups, from one-to-one to larger groups, beginners to advanced, kids and teens to adults and even some English for specific purpose courses. Couple this with the detailed English grammar knowledge that you will be able to demonstrate and you will be much better prepared to head out into the world of English Language Teaching.

The OxbridgeTEFL ESL teaching practice module is also filtered throughout the time that you study the course. So, for example, right from the start you go to a class and observe one of our senior teachers. We provide you with worksheets which you must fill out rather than passively observing the students, their problems and how the teacher deals with them. From day to day, your focus in-class will change, from learners’ needs to class dynamics, teacher-student interaction and the organization of the learning process.

In the second week, you will co-teach with one of our senior teachers. This is important because you can learn useful techniques from experienced teachers and you get to practice teaching with ‘real’ students rather than people that are just getting classes for free. Finally, presuming your OxbridgeTEFL trainer confirms you are ready, you will teach the full class for your final two weeks. The senior Oxbridge teacher then becomes your observer and evaluator, marking your in-class performance on our credential sheets using our mark schemes. These marks go towards your final grade. At least 6 hours of evaluated teaching practice means your certificate will be recognised by the British Council. The OxbridgeTEFL course in Madrid, Barcelona or online grants you many more to ensure a great teaching expertise on completion!