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Work as an English Teacher on a Student Visa While Studying Spanish

Are you eager to immerse yourself in Europe and learn a new profession teaching languages around the world? You will be trained to be an English teacher while learning Spanish and discovering Spanish culture and its people.

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Spain Student Visa Program

  • 6 month program TEFL course and Spanish classes for only 3599€
  • 120-hour intensive TEFL course
  • 20+ hours of teaching practice
  • 400 hrs. Spanish classes
  • 40 hrs. immersion in the Spanish lifestyle.
  • Lifelong career service. Jobs and private classes for community members
  • Lifelong support with ready-to-use classes.
  • Visa and accommodation assistance.
The interview is important to be able to to fully evaluate your application before deciding whether you are accepted on the course.


Student Visa Requirements for American and other non-EU citizens willing to take a TEFL course and Spanish classes in Spain*

If you would like to attend the TEFL course and Spanish classes program at OxbridgeTEFL in Barcelona or Madrid of over 12 weeks duration, you will require a visa (unless you are a European Union country citizen).

Student visa also allows you to combine your studies with a part time job.

You must obtain this visa before travelling to Spain.


Where do I apply for the student visa?

You should apply for your visa to the Spanish Consulate in your country with jurisdiction over your state. Visit the Foreign office list of Spanish Consulate with jurisdiction over your state.

Check here the Washington consulate.

When should I apply for the student visa?

Applications will often not be accepted more than 90 days before you are due to travel, or less than 45 days before your departure date. It may take 4 weeks or longer to process your application.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the Spanish Consulate of your country. This visa processing fee is non-refundable.

How long is the visa for?

Visas are issued for an initial period of 3 months. You should go to your nearest police station, in Spain, directly after your arrival, to extend your visa if necessary.

What documentation do I need in order to apply for a student visa?

You should take the following documentation with you to the Spanish Consulate, when you apply for your visa:

  1. An official visa form.
  2. A passport valid for a minimum of 6 months
  3. A recent, passport-sized photograph
  4. A Money Order for your visa processing fees made payable to the Consulate General of Spain.
  5. An original letter from OxbridgeTEFL to the Consulate General, confirming that you have been enrolled as a full-time student and that your tuition fees have been paid. You should also bring a photocopy of this document with you.
  6. A valid insurance from a company authorized to operate in Spain, stating that the student is covered for medical insurance whilst in Spain. You should also bring a photocopy of this document with you.
  7. An original medical certificate, from your doctor, verifying that you are in good health and signed by the doctor. You should also bring a photocopy of this document with you.
  8. An original certificate of good conduct issued by the police departments of the city or cities in which you have lived for 6 months or more during the last 5 years. You should also bring a photocopy of this document with you.
  9. Evidence that you will be able to cover your living expenses whilst in Spain, which monthly cost is estimated at 532,51 euros for the year 2012, except if you prove that accommodation for the whole period is covered.


*This information is subject to changes by the corresponding authorities. You should contact your local Spanish Consulate as regards of what exactly they would accept for processing your visa permit.


What do I need to do once in Spain?

You need to claim the NIE card personally within a month from your entry in Spain. You have to claim it in the “Oficina de Extranjería” (foreign office) or “Comisaría de Policía” (police station) where the authorization is issued.

You have to:

  1. Fill in an official form (EX-17)
  2. Provide evidence of having paid the corresponding fee of 10.20€
  3. Provide 3 recent photos in color.


Agreement between Spain and Canada on youth mobility programs

The present information is only valid for Canadian citizens.

The beneficiaries of this Agreement shall be Canadian citizens who fall under the following categories:

  1. Young citizens in possession of a post-secondary diploma wishing to obtain additional training in Spain through a pre-arranged contract of employment.
  2. Registered students of a Canadian post-secondary institution wishing to complete part of their academic training through a pre-arranged internship in a Spanish institution, including under inter-institution.
  3. Young citizens wishing to obtain additional training in the other country under a pre-arranged contract of employment in order to contribute to their professional development.
  4. Registered students of a post-secondary institution in their home country who plan to travel to Spain during academic vacations and who wish to work on a casual basis in order to increase their financial resources.
  5. Young citizens who plan to travel to Spain and who wish to work on a casual basis in order to increase their financial resources or to do volunteer work.


How to apply for the student visa and the authorization to work in Spain

Please check the Spanish Embassy in Ottawa for the complete information.