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I am hardworking totally compromised with what i do, I am easy going,dynamic, witha good sense of humour,I make all what is mpossible to make a class a memorable experience, always looking forward improving myself all the time, difficulties for a person's learning it is a challenge as well as an oportunity to make yourself better and to bring everyday solutions to English learners, and basically the type of person who believes, that learning does not have to be boring


I have artistic skills and music as well, I love technology, history and natural science

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Essay on how would you approach teaching English

Hi my name is Joel and I have been an engish teacher for more than 20 years, although I never studied this due to the fact I never had the chance to go to an official school of teaching I always had the skill which is quite important when you want to teach something or anything at all,that skill is to get the attention from people, second skill motivation, so pretty much I started from that althrough my years of experience I kept going looking for new ways to get the people's attention, and second to get them motivated ,I started as they say "old school" which was the traditional approach, presentation practice and production, as a teacher you get to have many types of groups, as well as many types of ages, all you need is to find the way through them, so as I said the traditional way of teaching was almost always the same, it also depended on what type of subject was there to teach,on my early days I started teachingall subjects within primary school, from science to math and geography and then of course English,this gave me the skill on being creative,and of all this I started to enjoy it in such a way that was almost as if I was the student and how I would like my class to be like, making activities and always finding a way to surprise my students and always keep them motivated,after some years of just teaching kids I started teaching older children and there I faced a new challenge,how to reach them as it was not the same as children, some days were pretty rough, as they would not pay attention to me at all.

In my life I was always told that whatever you do you do it right or not do it at all, that mediocirty was for lazy people and for those who did not want to be successful, in common words a "loser" I was not going to accept my inability of not accomplished my mission, so I tried harder and finally did it. then I started to teach English only,this time to Spanish speakers, and started learning the different ways they approached their learningsome of them were good at reading others better at listening,others at speaking and there on starting to work these aspects in full, by designing activities that approached these aspects of learning and it was a little bit of everything make more efficient class planning, and most of all make really clear and simple what was the objective in class,there are a lot of ways you can do this and really depends of the type of group you have and their ages and the approach of a convenient or proper syllabus teaching is productive and beneficial, the truth is I cannot say I apply shuch or so type of syllabus for language teaching that really depends of may aspects, those can be environment, age skills and many other reasons, you always need to change your ways when you see that you previous planning is not working imstead of letting things like that without making any attempt to achieve what you have to achieve as a teacher, which is make them learn.

teaching large groups can be a very complicated issue especially when you have to reach people who are veryy hard to get, still is your duty to reach them in some way, here is where I quote my initial skills motivation, here I came with my own sayng which is "Learning does not have to be boring" so I started using those with higher level to join those who were lower in order to share experience and to learn from each other, create activities angage on things they are interested in, in other words speak their language, and them bring thigs from complex to simple in may creative ways you can find, teaching gets a lot of research, you always have to be updated always need to change, routine is one of the teachers' worst enemies as well as conformity, the great variety of activities help you to approach averything, from grammar comprehension,vocabulary,language use, in my case in a regular class, if I had to teach grammar, I explained the use and an example and ask my students to write what they uderstood using thier own words aand sharing them with the class, always used personal questions in order to answer the excersises and give them the expression they wanted to give such as drawings or paperclips of a magazine, etc, for vocabulary I used to make hang man game as well as for grammar, in which the student used to write his or her sentence and write in the board, where I also checked the student's spelling and so on, activities are always best for large groups, it helps a lot with the timing and you have a great time.

teaching small groups also has its issue as you have to get more information as they seem to work faster, higher level students have the advantage that you can extend yourself and give more in detail whatever you are trying to teach them, and the many ways you can use a grammar or language structure, you need to learn how to make best with what you have,basic learners practice is the most important factor, and you have to be as creative as if you were teaching kids, you have to be very versatile, this is my fundamental approach, whatever you want to teach you need to try to be as thoroughly as possible, simplify terms and always make sure the message has been delivered and understood as possible with as many wrap ups as you need, never leave questions unanswered.