Mushtaq Mim
Certified English teacher profile

Mushtaq Mim TEFL certificate Mushtaq TEFL certificate


I am a highly motivated, qualified individual with very good social skills. I have a genuine passion to help other people attain a very good level of English proficiency. I am also a very open minded person who is interested in learning about other cultures and traditions. Having lived in England, Hong Kong, and the Maldives, I have been exposed to different cultures, and I believe that has made me a better person overall. I am a TEFL qualified teacher, with a background in business and marketing. I have also completed my undergraduates, and postgraduates degrees in the United Kingdom.


I am currently studying Spanish (level B), and I plan to continue doing so. Furthermore I have exceptional computer skills.

My teaching approach

The main aim through my teaching approach is to make sure that the student improves their level of English proficiency and fluidity. The motivations, age, goals, level of English, and the objectives of the student will first be considered before moving forward.  I believe that being able to adapt accordingly is very important, and to constantly strive to improve. 


I would start off a class with some quick questions, and then moving on to some open ended questions. I always feel that this approach activates the students, especially in the beginning of the class. 


I would always try to motivate my students throughout the lesson, by using different approaches according to their intrinsic or extrinsic motivations. I would also make sure that I build a good rapport with all my students, and I will strive to make the classroom environment a fun and positive one. I will always be a teacher who is approachable, kind and patient. 


Learning a language could seem daunting at times, but I will remind the students to have confidence, and to have realistic expectations. I will remind them that full English proficiency in definitely achievable, and that they will be able to achieve it by going one step at a time.  


I will determine which of the students are more inclined to certain intelligences. Activities will then be assigned accordingly. For example repeating nursery rhymes or learning from song lyrics, which are mainly focused on the musical / rhythmic intelligences. Furthermore, I will be focusing on the micro skills such as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.  


I will use the direct method of teaching with elements of the callan method, and the total physical response (TPR) method. I will mainly use an inductive approach. Visual materials, and pantomimes will be regular features in my classes. The drilling / repetition aspect of the callan method may be useful depending on which type of students are being taught. Also the TRP methods correspondence between the communication, and physical movements is a good way to teach early learners. 


Both speech, and listening comprehension will be the main focus of the classes. The correct pronunciation of words will be highly emphasized on, and I will focus on a question – answer pattern. I will correct pronunciations when the student has finished speaking, but I will correct the basic grammar, and structure mistakes immediately. Vocabulary exercises will be presented in the target language by using realia, for example: pictures of objects for early learners, and newspaper articles for more advanced students. 


All instructions, and communications in the class will be in English. Communication amongst peers at the classroom will be conducted in English. I will make sure that the students are learning, and that they will be challenged, but not lost. The students will be in the zone of proximal development at all times. I will also be using many cognates during the lessons to make the students understand that there are a lot of English words that they are already familiar with. 


Activities such as field trips will also be conducted to enhance the students kinesthetic in their multiple intelligences. By exposing the students to an outside environment sometimes, could make them learn more, rather than only in a rigid classroom environment. 


It is normal to have different types of students in one class, some who learn better by listening, some who learn better by seeing, some who learn better by writing, etc. I would make sure that all my students get an equal opportunity to contribute towards the class, and learn. Furthermore, I would let my students choose a task or two that they may like for the next days class or the next weeks class, so as to give them the motivation of choosing something that they may like. 


As a teacher, I am always well prepared for the upcoming classes, with all the material necessary. I am the playmaker of the classroom, but I will make all the students participate in the activities. I will determine each student’s strengths & weaknesses, and help them accordingly. I will make sure to guide them in the right direction, and to transmit my knowledge to them. I will be the authority in the class, by being firm, and kind. I will be the assessor who passes judgment on the activities conducted, whether the student is progressing, etc. I will also be a psychologist, as well as an agony aunt who helps the students to cope with their daily struggles. To succefully accomplish these roles, as I have mentioned earlier, I will make sure that I have a very good rapport with all my students. 


I will emphasize how all students should help each other, and how we should all work as a team. The classes will be fun, and fast paced so that the students will enjoy their time learning. Each class will end with a wrap up of that days learning by which the effectiveness of the teaching will be assessed, through these methods the students will be able to achieve the goal of complete fluency and proficiency.