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Native English Teacher from Florida with 3 years of experience. Passionate about teaching, language and learning about other cultures. English is such a powerful tool in our current world, so, it is my dream to provide more and more people with it. I have the skills and experience to do so and it would be an honor to help you achieve your language goals.


• Management of technological tools (Office Suite) • Community Managament AND Social Media Marketing • Graphic Design

My teaching approach

Who am I?

I'm a girl from Florida who's found her passion for languages ??and teaching.  

English is such a powerful tool in our globalized world and I want to provide my students with it.

It is the most commonly spoken language on earth and the one that is evolving the fastest. So, it is my dream that, for the first time in human history, the vast majority of the people on earth will be able to interact with each other. And English is the language they would use. 

Back in Miami, I witnessed how many Latinos and Spaniards who did not know English were seriously affected and many times deprived of doing certain activities and of being able to integrate into the community.

I started my journey as an educator when I was just 15 years old. I would tutor kids in my school who were struggling with the language.

Children who were left behind in school, who couldn't make friends, frustrated, and with low self-esteem.

Adults who weren’t able to read their mail, call the bank, ask for directions, or even specify how they wanted their coffee.

We are not spared from having this sensation by the fact that we do not live in an English speaking country. We are required to communicate in English or simply interact with the language several times at work, while watching television, on social media, or while reading the press.

That’s why I decided that if it was in my power, I would help people solve this problem by sharing my knowledge with them.

The best learning method is the one that occurs naturally.

Each brain is an engine that works differently, the key is not to compare your process, let's find what works for you and what’s sustainable for you over time.

I don't mean to scare you!

Yet the experience of language acquisition never stops.

You've got to make a habit of it. Something you love and that can suit your interests and lifestyle.

Motivation has a very short lifespan. Therefore, you have to guarantee that the method of studying is enjoyable and progressive.

Don't push yourself to do frustrating, dull, and tedious activities.

Have some fun!

My approach

Us teachers need to be able to adjust and customize our syllabus and teaching method based on the student’s needs and goals, and the setting they are in.

A mix between the direct and communicative approach is my philosophy while teaching. I embrace the conversationalist style because I think it is the most productive way to inspire creativity and autonomy in class. It promotes a higher degree of comprehension and learning.

It is of the utmost importance, especially when studying a language, that the student creates as much as possible so that they can learn and truly understand the way the language works. Nevertheless, taking into consideration the student’s level, if they are only starting to realize the nuances in their native language and the new one, the student will not be able to generate as much material at the beginning.

In fact, neither method should stand alone and be considered as the absolute truth; we can grasp the positive aspects of each.

Gardner stated that there are 7 intelligences (and more…): verbal, mathematical-logical, geographical, musical, kinesthetic-body, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. We all exhibit differing degrees of aptitude. As educators, we have to understand the differences and readjust the techniques used, based on the pupil’s personality and intelligence.

My role is to act as a guide and a tutor, which involves building trust, making students aware of their success in learning, and providing resources and tools in order to help the student reach its goals and aspirations. Each lesson should be properly planned and additional time should be given to the student's needs in order to completely understand what has been learned.

By using visual aids, music, role-playing, discussions, games, and interactions in diverse situations to include language learning, I want to make the lessons as productive and as enjoyable as I can.

I also let my students understand that everybody makes mistakes, we are humans, not robots. There’s not an ultimate level in English and once you get there you never make errors, it’s a false belief. My way of evaluation is to give my students constructive feedback and encourage their confidence when they respond with the correct error. 

I love getting to know my students better, asking them about their passions, what they enjoy doing, and learning how to captivate them.

I consider myself as your “friendly neighborhood teacher”, I want to be approachable, make my students feel comfortable and not feel under pressure but for them to be able to come to me when they need to solve a doubt or need help of any kind. 

For me, homework is essential to keep track of my student’s needs. They are based on the studied content, my student’s interests and likes, and their availability.

My approach to teaching is based on the ESA method (Engage Study Activate). There are three processes that in any class need to be covered. 

Engage: The class begins with short questions to introduce that day’s topic. 

Study: I'd move on to an exercise to teach a new concept. Students learn new grammar/vocabulary during the research process and practice them under a teacher's guidance. 

Activate: At the end of the class I’ll check what they have learned and what needs further practice.

In a nutshell, don’t focus too much on the results and enjoy the process!