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I am a cheerful person for most part of the day; a good listener, with a keen eye on details; and I like having a good debate. Empathy, curiosity, reason - If I had to describe myself with a few words.


I speak Dutch, Hungarian and English fluently, and Spanish on an intermediate level.

My teaching approach

Hey there!

My name is Gergo.
I was born in Hungary and for the past years I’ve been living in Spain. Nearly a year after my arrival to this country, very unexpectedly, I began to teach English. Even though I started to pick up the language as early as nursery school, it is not my first language. What difference does that make? I had to learn the basics by learning words from books made for children and later the rules from books made for bigger children and adults. And my teachers of course, with whom I had some luck too. Though I did not grew up in an English speaking country, using the language became my nature throughout the years. 

Long time before moving to Spain, I decided I would become a chef. After years of learning by working in many kitchens, I began studying at and graduated from a renowned hospitality school, in Dutch (I was living in the Netherlands) which I had been picking up in the meantime. Ever since, I've come to understand how critical it is that people correctly take in what the other says. Especially, if the language being spoken is not their first language.

I think I can say that I like people in general. Better said, I like to get to know people; in general. Listening to a good story being told by someone it happened with is great in my opinion and it is amazing when we really pay attention to each other. My teaching approach is similar to how I attend people, with patience. At the same time, I make use of the methods I’ve been learning with.
As a teacher, I share my knowledge with you. With my experience as a teacher (and a student), I help you learn.
If you make a mistake, you have a chance to learn something. In an ambiance where you feel confident to talk.
However, I think details are important but I also like to keep a pace. - "Varietas delectat." (M.T.Cicero); 'Variety is the spice of life.' (a translation) -
As a person, I like to think that it has a lot to do with the process of learning itself.
As there are many things to study, but also various means to acquire knowledge and skills.
In the end, I see teaching as a two-way course. An interaction that benefits all parties.