09 April 2012 / by Radmila Gurkova

Google Produces Information Eyewear


Google are about to launch a new product that will enable you to access certain aspects of information from the Internet and displayed directly onto your glasses. The eyewear still appears to have a streamlined design despite their functionality.

The initial information and images will aim to be Photo’s, concept videos Google+ and social networking.

Images will be displayed on the users right eye where you will also be able to see things like information, weather, your location and appointments that you have made.

Probably the most important use for this would be Google Maps and Video Conferencing.

The New York Times estimated a pair of glasses to be $250-$600 (£157-£378) Quite a big difference for this innovation.

Google said that many companies were interested but the purpose of “Gaming and Beyond”.


  • Are Google losing it?

  • Where will technology end?

  • Is this a useful product or a waste of time and money?


Word Image Definition Example Listen
Functionality   The quality of being functional The functionality of this remote control is too complicated for me Listen
Innovation Something new or different introduced There is a lot of innovation in today's world Listen
Streamlined Made efficient by stripping off nonessentials This is a streamlined online shopping solution. Listen
Pair Something consisting of, or regarded as having, two parts that are linked together in some way. Mary got a new pair of earrings for her birthday. Listen
Eyewear Any of various devices, as spectacles, contact lenses, or goggles, for aiding the vision or protecting the eyes. His new sunglasses were expensive eyewear Listen
Lens A piece of transparent substance, usually glass, having two opposite surfaces either both curved or one curved and one plane He looked through the lens of his glasses Listen
Display   Past perfect sentence: To  show  or  exhibit;  make  visible It was displayed behind the desk. Listen
Launch introduce to the public or market Apple are launching their new iPad next month Listen


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