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The Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group manufactures a vast array of products that demonstrate technological mastery of the land, sea, air and outer space.

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  • The Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group manufactures a vast array of products that demonstrate technological mastery of the land, sea, air and outer space.

  • Its aerospace business offers various products ranging from aircraft to satellites, while the shipbuilding business provides submarines and other vessels.

  • Japan's Shinkansen trains and New York City's subway cars are just two examples of its rolling stock business' famed global offerings, just as gas turbines and biomass power plants headline the energy plant and facilities business.

  • The Group also supplies many products that demonstrate its expertise in engineering, such as industrial plants, environmental protection facilities, industrial equipment, construction machinery and steel structures.

  • The Group's unique ability is also demonstrated by such world-famous consumer products as Kawasaki-brand motorcycles, ATVs and Jet Ski® personal watercraft.


  • Did you know this about Kawasaki?

  • Where can you see Kawasaki products?

  • Can you see them in Spain?

  • Do you own anything from Kawasaki?


Word Image Definition Example Listen
Based in  Established/Located in  The Company Headquarters is based in Beijing, China Listen
Engine  A machine with moving parts that converts power into motion  The engine stopped working Listen
Founder  The person who 'founds' the company i.e. creates it.  Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin Airlines Listen 
Shipbuilding  The construction of ships.  The Head of the Shipbuilding company congratulated them for their work. Listen
Slogan    memorable phrase associated with a brand/product  McDonald's famous slogan is 'I'm loving it' Listen
Started out Begin, commence, start The Company started out in the shipbuilding industry.  Listen
Array  A group or collection of things or people, often one that is large and impressive  An array of notices instructs visitors not to feed the tribesmen. Listen
Mastery Expert skill or knowledge  Products that demonstrate technological mastery. Listen
Rolling Stock  Any of various readily movable pieces of transportation equipment such as automobiles, locomotives, railroad cars, and cars.  The Minister said, the investment in rolling stock in the next 5 years is estimated to be...  Listen
Steel    A strong and resistant material  Ships are made of steel Listen
Vast  Of very great area or extent  A vast humanitarian catastrophe is already underway... Listen

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